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Holi in Vrindhavan & Mathura 2017| Lathmar Holi Celebrations and Traditions in Barsana Village

Holi is an incredible festival of colours celebrated by all the people across the country. Every year, this festival arrives in the month of March wherein all the Indians rejoice this festival in a great way. However, there is not specific date and the date varies every year. This year, people celebrate Holi festival on 12th March 2017. On this very auspicious day, people all over the country sprinkle colours and colour water on their friends, family members, relatives and loving buddies. It is one of the most exciting and enthusiastic festival of colours celebrated by all folks across the globe.
Are you planning to go on a trip for this festival? If you are seeking for the best place to celebrate Holi, we are here to assist you in the best way. You can simply plan for a trip to various locations in India. Holi is the popular festival celebrated by all the Indians in each and every part of the country. In Braj, people celebrate this Holi in an incredible way. Braj originally considered as the most historical region wherein Mathura and Vrindhavan are pretty famous locations.
In these areas, all the folks celebrate this festival in a great way. These regions allure most of the visitors or tourists during the celebrations of Holi. All the people follow the customs and traditions in these Mathura and Vrindhavan regions of Braj. Here is everything you need to know about the traditions followed by people in Mathura and Vrindhavan on the occasion of Holi. You can also learn some new things like the celebrations and traditions in Barsana village for this Lathmar Holi. Have a glimpse!

Origin of Festival Holi

People celebrate Lathmar Holi in Mathura as it is the birth place of Lord Krishna. In Vrindhavan, Lord Krishna grew up under the pampering of Mother Yashoda. All the childhood of Lord Krishna took place in Vrindhavan. In fact, the colour of Krishna is dark complexioned without being in fair colour. When he was in young age, Krishna asked his mother regarding his dark complexion comparing his friend Radha. Then, Yashoda said him to put colours on Radha in a playful way. After few years, Krishna moved to Barsana so as to put colours on Radha and other Gopikas. This is the origin of the festival Holi.

Holi Festival – Dates & Regions

Here is a list of dates and days on which people celebrate this Lathmar Holi festival in different locations such as Barsana, Mathura, Vrindhavan, Nandgaon, Gokul and many more.
Significant Occasions      Date of the Festival         Region
Lathmar Holi                        17th March                 Barsana
Lathmar Holi                        18th March               Nandgaon
Holi                                       19th March                 Mathura
Holi                                       20th March               Vrindhavan
Holi                                       21st March                  Gokul

Celebrations and Traditions of Lathmar Holi in Barsana

People who are seeking to celebrate Holi in a traditional way, they can visit Vrindhavan or Mathura areas. In these locations, people rejoice this festival of colours in an incredible way. You can stay in rooms from various resorts and hotels in Vrindhavan. The people can afford the prices of the rooms for booking them in advance.

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