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About Holi Festival India? Holi 2017 Festival Date? Holi Traditions and Celebrations in India

Holi, mostly called as festival of colors is an Indian festival celebrated all across the country.  It is the most joyous festival that everyone likes to play. Other than in India Holi is also celebrated in Nepal.  It is a festival of joy that brings smile onto the faces of everyone.  Holi marks the start of the Spring season. 
Holi is being celebrated in the country since ages.  It is celebrated widely and grandly all across the country with great zest.  There are many supporting stories for the celebration of Holi.  It is widely said that Holi is celebrated in the happiness of winning good over evil.  The festival was named as Holi after the death of demon ‘Holika’.
People participate in ‘Holika Dahan’ on the day of Holi and play with different colors.  There are many stories in use about the festival Holi.  One of the most prevailing stories is of Radha and Krishna. 
It is heard that Krishna who had a dark complexion is jealous of his love interest Radha’s fair complexion and applied color on Radha’s face.  Since then the day is marked as Holi and people color their beloved ones to express their love. 
Holi is also called as Basant Utasav in rural India.  The entire country gets immersed in the celebrations of Holi on the day of festival of colors.  It is the mainly the festival of youth. 

Holi 2017 Festival Date

Every year Holi falls in the month of March.  This year Holi is going to be celebrated on 13 March.  The entire country is getting ready to celebrate the much anticipated festival of Holi grandly.  As there are just days left for the festival, all the people of the country are getting ready for the biggest celebration of colors.  Entire country gets ready for the biggest and most enjoyable festival Holi.  Everyone look forward for this festival to enjoy to the core. 

Holi Traditions and Celebrations in India

Holi is a traditional festival that has lots of stories weaved around it.  Holi is mainly celebrated by the youth.  All the people come out of their houses and play with colors.  People exchange sweets with each other and wish each other. Families get together and enjoy lots on the day of Holi.  Bhang is the special highlight of the festival.  People prepare Bhang, which is a type of beverage.  They drink and enjoy all the day by playing with colors.  Bhang will enhance the spirit of Holi.  People arrange many events on Holi and both men and women dance it out in open air. 

Many people participate in Holika Dahan on the day of Holi.  People say ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’ while applying colors onto each other.  The market will be filled with color stalls.  Children enjoy Holi festival a lot.  They use pichkaris to spray color water onto others.  People prepare varieties of dishes on the day of Holi and have feast with families together.  

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